Property Management

Tenants are Moore’s clients and property management is fundamental to keeping tenants in occupancy for extended periods of time. Minimizing tenant-roll is integral to enhancing building value.

Moore’s property management team is responsible for keeping tenants safe, while providing an environment conducive to the success of their missions.

Property managers are charged with building strong relationships with our tenants. Managers, engineers, and porters are responsible for knowing their tenants, anticipating needs, and providing consistent professional service.

Relationships should be fun. Moore hosts tenant events throughout the year, including tenant breakfasts, holiday raffle, cupcakes, ice cream delivery, and more.

Tenant friendships are part of the successful integration of property management and leasing. Through an awareness of changes to a tenant’s space needs, property managers identify renewal and expansion opportunities prior to lease expirations. Furthermore, Moore’s tenant construction capabilities enhances Moore’s responsiveness to changing needs. The ultimate result is to minimize tenant-roll.

The budgeting process strikes a balance between the attractive working environment and operating at a competitive cost; however, much of what make property managers most effective is time rather than dollars.  Property managers work closely with leasing and accounting specialists to maximize effectiveness.

Moore encourages continuing education for its employees, with an emphasis on energy conservation. Numerous employees are LEED-accredited professionals.

Tenants are the lifeblood of commercial real estate. Tenant relationships serve to protect and enhance value. Illustrative of the strength of the platform, Moore has had tenants relocate from one submarket to another just to be in a Moore building.